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Thank you James. It's taken a long time for us to take more than simply a look at the forum. I'm notionally on holiday and I've put in some time today to try to make it a bit easier to comprehend. I hope the result is an improvement.

This 'social' site is intended to be more than a forum: it's also a sort of shop window where we can publish (to all viewers worldwide) updates on what we're doing and give a taste of some of the activities and interests of indivudual members. Then, beyond the public aspect and behind the sign-in, there is the forum itself, mostly private to members, and a gallery feature which means we can upload photos which again are only shared within the club.

I have found the setup of the system a bit challenging as these things generally are but it seems to be slowly taking on a sensible form. The updates I have made have been applied not in real time and I've been left wondering whether they're actually working. Things do update themselves in the fullness of time, it seems.

Your suggestion of publicising it in the Bulletin and/or with a circular email should be followed up once those involved in setting it up feel that it's relatively stable. We would welcome your further input!


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